The ABC’s of Wedding Planning :: Q stands for Quaint is the New Black

Guest lists seem to be one of the very first step couples are completing when planning for the big day. Thinking about including distant relatives, the neighbor you grew up with but haven’t spoken to in ten years or including the dreaded co-worker are hard decisions to make because you don’t want to hurt feelings. I understand. I get it. BUT, weddings are very expensive. Any investment you make for your wedding day adds up fast and for every guest costs are involved. Keeping guest lists small and intimate is what is popular now and I don’t foresee this trend going away. I know this sounds a bit dreary but think to yourself “would this person attend my funeral” or “if I didn’t speak to this person for a year or more would they still be in my life?” This will help you narrow down your guest list and focus the guests that really deserve to be a part of the big celebration. Remember, the more guests, the more chairs, entrees, drinks, tables, centerpieces, linens, favors, paper products, and space you will need. Maybe instead of splurging on 200 guests think about a stunning experience for 75 with the best floral, linens and design you could ever imagine. Things are much more affordable when your guest count is low. For more posts on our series The ABC’s of Wedding Planning click any of the letters below.

A :: Ask

B :: Bridal Bartering

C :: Cakes

D :: Disaster Relief

E :: Electricity

F :: Favors

G :: Go Out with a Bang

H :: House Weddings

I :: Ice, Ice Baby

J :: Journal

K :: Kiss

L :: Little Things Do Count

M :: Minutes Alone

N :: Next Day Shoot

O :: Online Resources


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