Food Trucks at Your Wedding? Yes, Please!

For a fun, casual wedding, I am loving the idea of having food trucks roll up to the reception site for some delicious, memorable grub. How unexpected would it be for your guests to be able to choose from an array of cuisines -- maybe tacos from one truck, and a gussied-up hot dog from another! If you are hosting your reception at a private residence, this would be an amazing alternative to having a catering company come in and take over your garage. If you have the space, let a couple of food trucks pull up, set up "shop" (of course, you'll be footing the bill ahead of time), and allow your guests to order off of a limited menu. Not just tacos and hot dogs (which would be great for the proper-themed event!), food trucks now offer up sophisticated fare like Asian Fusion, Filipino, and Cajun cuisine. Some do crepes (savory and sweet), breakfast offerings, and barbeque. Check your local area to find your favorite food, and think about how you could work a truck in to your next event!

If serving an entire meal via truck sounds too daunting, a dessert truck might be just the thing for offering your guests something unusual and fun. An ice cream truck with sophisticated flavors and unlimited scoops will be the talk of the party! Servers don't have to worry about keeping the ice cream cold, since it is scooped to order.

Not a fan of the frozen confection? Try a cupcake cart, or a creme brulee truck! There are so many options, and your event will be anything but dull. Set up some tables with silverware and napkins, some comfortable seating, and music, and your guests will love you for it.


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