Wedding Design Beyond Simple and Elegant

Where does your wedding style come from? IMG_4807

After working with wedding couples for over a decade, I have found that it is hard for some to decide what they want their wedding to look like. So many brand new brides-to-be will describe the overall wedding style as “simple and elegant” at some point.  I imagine this is because most brides don’t want to sound difficult (hence, simple).  Elegant makes sense because who wouldn’t want an elegant wedding?  However, that description doesn’t really tell a whole lot of the story.  So where do you find inspiration for your wedding design?


The answer is, everywhere.  In other words, when you first get engaged, start paying attention to everything around you.  Clothes, advertisements, movies, nature, shows, art, magazines, and almost everything else you lay eyes on can end up being your wedding design inspiration.  Keep a note pad around to jot ideas down or type yourself a note in your phone every time you see something that strikes your fancy.  Eventually, you will notice a pattern in your likes and your wedding design will be born and ready to evolve!  Make sure to share your findings with your wedding planner, florist, paper designer, and anybody else who will need to be sure to carry your design throughout your big day.