Boutonnieres Sans Flowers

Of course, all of us here at LDEP swoon over flowers. They can really make an event -- the colors, the softness, the scent. But here in Arizona, if the forecast calls for weather over 80 degrees, as it often does, flowers that are out of water can wilt. Boutonnieres are especially fragile, since they aren't in water after they are made. Sure, your floral designer will keep them cool until delivery, but after that, the weather dictates. Now don't let us scare you; many flowers do just fine in boutonniere form, and will look great all through your event. But a few hot days got us thinking: what if we made our own without flowers?

Feathers are still going strong in bouquets and centerpieces, so why not pin one to the guys' lapels? These would be simple to make, and bring in some texture and color.


"Buotonniere" by Adam12b is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Or, if DIY isn't your thing, order up some of these amazing boutonnieres from Fritts Rosenow. Pick your theme, colors, or just your groom and groomsmen's favorite action hero, and surprise them on your wedding day. Trust us, they will love them, and will keep these lapel pins around for years to come.

Flowers are great, but when you can make something lasting and memorable for your guys...those are the details that make your wedding memorable.

With all that Life has to offer, Cicely