Polaroid Love

Polaroid had some scary moments in the last few years: the company announced that it would no longer be making the instant film that made it legend. Brought down by declining sales, the beloved maker of cameras and film was scheduled to shut its doors. Thankfully, a group of loyalists joined together to save the white-framed prints. Taken over by an Austrian businessman, Polaroid (together with Ilford film) is up and running again--and enjoying a resurgence with the popular vintage trend that has been sweeping wedding design.


"Polaroid Magic" by Amber is licensed under CC BY 4.0

We love Polaroids for lots of reasons, and can't get enough of seeing them used in events. Just a fun shot like the one above makes for a fun save-the-date or thank you.

Instead of a photo booth, appoint a nephew or hire a friend's teenage daughter to man the camera, and line up the shots for a fun display piece at the wedding.

Take all the photos home after your big day, and display them! What a fun, simple reminder of the event, and a way to revisit your wedding whenever the mood strikes.

polaroid heart

"3/365. New Polaroid Wall" by Julie Malone is licensed under CC BY 4.0

We love the classics; especially with a new twist!

With all that Life has to offer, Cicely