Custom Thumbprint Posters

It is hard to come up with new ideas for customizing your wedding. With great magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings (yes, we still love her after all these years!), sites like, and too many wedding blogs to mention, it is easy to get idea overload. Truly personalizing an aspect of your day is a challenge, but nothing could be more unique than one's fingerprint. Found on Etsy (of course), FlutterbyeNotes has come up with a really sweet and affordable way to leave your mark: thumbprint posters.

Scan and email (or snail mail) a copy of your and your fiancé's thumbprint, and FlutterbyeNotes will create a poster with your prints. With 30-plus colors to choose from, you can coordinate the colors with the decor in your home, or the colors of your wedding. We love the idea of having one for an alternative "guestbook," where your guests sign the print.

The prints are 13x19, and are super affordable ($38 unframed!). The simplicity of design sans signatures would make for wonderful wall art to commemorate your new life together.

Or, for a fun thank you note, order some personalized cards with the same thumbprint heart, or cute thumbprint people.

Thanks, Flutterbye, for making us smile on this gloomy day!

With all that Life has to offer,