Colin's Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding

All of us in the wedding business love Colin Cowie — his effortless style and great taste make it all look easy. Here are some tips from His Royal Wedding Highness on how to make your day unique!

It doesn't need to be said. The most important word in weddings these days is Personalization with a capital P. Every bride and groom wants their wedding to feel like them, not like their mother-in-law, sister or planner (no matter how fabulous he may be!). This can be achieved many ways—from large "wow" moments to tiny touches of thoughtfulness included throughout the ceremony and reception. I always encourage my brides and grooms to add in moments of meaning wherever they can.

Here, 5 ideas on how you can add an extra touch of you to your wedding:

  1. Monograms in unexpected places. Sure, you can monogram linen napkins for every place setting, but how about your monogram projected on the venue walls or dance floor, or paved in flowers and floating in a pool or pond? At a destination wedding, we traced the couple’s monogram in the sand at the entrance to their beach reception. Or, for something a little more quiet and special only to you, you could inscribe a hidden place with your new monogram, like the bottom of your wedding shoes.
  2. Musical moments. The first dance is usually a specially chosen song, but how about sprinkling in more moments throughout the evening’s playlist? Here’s a chance to incorporate songs that are not only special but infused in memories. What’s the one song that reminds you of that first summer you spent together road tripping across the country? Or, how about the first time you danced together?
  3. The past is present. Weddings are an ideal time to look back on the history of your family and reflect on all that’s happened to bring you to this magical place. Incorporate pictures of family, such as your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding pictures, in thoughtful ways. Old family recipes recreated by your caterer, or made by a family member, is also a wonderful way of bringing the past forward in a poignant way.
  4. Embroidered elements. This type of personalization is more private—for you alone versus broadcasting out to your guests. I recommend embroidering special words, each other’s names or your wedding date within the fabric of your outfits. The underside of your groom’s tie, perhaps, or the inner lining of your wedding gown or undergarments. Nicknames or private jokes could be charming here as well.
  5. Favorite favors. Your wedding favors are an ideal time to include something personal to share with your guests. Be creative. Perhaps you’re giving away macarons because they remind you of your first trip to Paris together. Or, reach further into your own history and pick symbolic items from your cultures to show how the two are merging into one.

Great tips from a fantastic planner!

With all that Life has to offer,