It's ALL about the details when planning your wedding day!


"Wedding Invitations" by Lehau Cortez is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Many times I hear couples saying "oh, no one will notice the _________(fill in the blank)" or "they are just going to throw the invitation away" or "I'll just use the house linens because no one will notice the difference."

To which I reply, "You are right!"

and they are...but...

Your invitation evokes emotion and excitement for your wedding day!

The linens (if your budget allows you to have upgraded ones) is a part of the overall design of the wedding, white table clothes belong in a restaurant.

The _____________ (fill in the blank) is a detail, one that will most likely be forgotten however your guests will never forget the feeling and emotion they have when they walk into your wedding, cocktail and reception space where each detail works together like a beautifully orchestrated choir. As individual pieces they aren't as powerful but once combined with the details and elements together they become soulful, magical and timeless.

So yes, they will throw the invitation away and won't notice the linen but they will love that you thought of all the details, had pride in your wedding day and will take note that it was an amazingly thought out beautiful wedding day celebration.

My point...don't skip the details.

They do matter.

With all that Life has to offer,

Cicely Rocha.Miller // Event Consultant // Life Design Event Planning