Vendor Confessions :: Sergio Photographer

I heard of Sergio several years ago after my planning partner, Drew Coleman, used him as his wedding photographer for his wedding and I fell in love with the images. We work with Mr. Sergio a lot. I think he attracts the same clients that we do...BADASS ones.

I wanted to share with you a bit of his background and his personality. Check out a little interview I did with him a few months back about the rad photographer.

Me :: How did you come up with the term Badass as a part of your branding?

Sergio :: During portraits, when I was trying to capture something beyond a nice pose; I would say something like: “that is so badass”. I realize that the term actually defined a lot of the work that I was looking to capture and create. Badass photography is images that are beyond pretty; they are photos that are deep, strong, impacting, emotional and sexy at times.

Me :: Honestly, what makes YOU Badass?

Sergio :: I am badass because I am committed to my vision and I am not afraid to fail.

Me :: What is the number one thing that clients always say about photography at the beginning of the hiring process?

Sergio :: They almost always tell me that they can see who my brides and grooms are. I love that because it is exactly what I am trying to do; every wedding is different and I want every to feel connected with their pictures.

Me :: What is the number one thing that clients always say about the photography when they see your images?

Sergio :: They tell me how much they love the emotion that I capture.

Me :: What do you love about shooting couples?

Sergio :: The love!

Me :: What sparked your passion for photography?

Sergio :: As a former electrical engineer, I was always fascinated by gadgets and technology. When the first digital cameras came out, I thought that it was amazing to be able to see the photos right away and share them with everybody on the internet.

Me :: Do you have a favorite image that you captured?

Sergio :: I have a lot of “favorite” photos and each one for different reasons. I like photos that tell a story in a very amazing way.

Me :: If you could do it all over again...what would you do differently?

Sergio :: Not a thing.

Me :: Why weddings?

Sergio :: I fell in love with weddings before I decided to be a photographer. Weddings have everything for me; they are incredible events full of emotions, music, friends, family and photographic challenges. I do portraiture too but weddings are my true passion.

Me :: If you could get paid to do ANYTHING in the world, what would it be? (besides photography)

Sergio :: When I was a little kid I wanted to be a professional poker player.

Me :: What inspires you?

Sergio :: I think that my biggest source is in the movies. I love movies very much and I apply a lot of what I see in them to my work.


Thank you, Sergio for your enthusiasm, flexibility and fantastic attitude. Every one of our clients have walked away from their pictures completely blown away by your talents.

You are not only an amazing photographer but a terribly smart business person. Thank you for that.

Bravo, my friend, bravo.

With all that Life has to offer,


PS Does anyone really know Sergio's last name? Could it be that it is "Photographer"? ;)