Industry Professional :: Serving Equality :: Let's talk about it!

Hello amazing vendors and friends!! All of us at LDEP are absolutely over the moon about the Supreme Court's decision yesterday deeming DOMA and Prop8 unconstituional!!

As many of you know, we consider ourselves allies and advocates for the LGBT community and we love to work with gay friendly vendors! We are planning a seminar/round table for vendors that specialize in this market or want to be open to working with all couples and we would like to get your thoughts on it.

Talk to us.

What we are specifically looking for is an idea of what you would like to learn/talk about, so please respond to the following by Monday, July 1st, 2013.


Let us know if you would be interested in attending a discussion on this topic?

Submit any questions you have regarding working with same sex couples. All submissions will be anonymous and used for developing our forum.

Thanks again and we are so looking forward to hearing your responses as this is an opportunity for us to learn from your experiences as well! Also, please feel free to share this information any vendors you think may be interested.

OUT OF PHOENIX NETWORKS :: We are trying to see if we can shown on the web live so it can be national. Please submit your interest as well.