Weddings :: Honoring the Mother of the Bride

Being married and going through the process itself is different then being a wedding planner. I wore a different set of eyes and had thoughts that a planner wouldn't necessarily think of and also heard feedback from those involved with the wedding itself. One of those people was my Mom. She was never controlling or opinionated on anything when it came to Joey and I's wedding day but I did find out from her that she was sad to not be recognized as being the Mother of the Bride. This got me typically is the MoB recognized? She sits in the front row, wears a flower but that's it. Most times there isn't a dance or special toast. My Mom is an amazing woman so why didn't I think to honor her somehow??

Since then I try (when I feel it's appropriate) to suggest that the couples recognize all parents in some public form. 

Matt and Rich :: Mentioned each one of them as a part of their ceremony vows.

Anita + Chris :: Toasted them and thanked them personally at the reception

Hallie + Dustin :: Dedicated specific songs to them individually. 

As a mom know I think often about the day my kids will get married and I feel sorry for the person they are marrying because I am going to be nuts I can't wait to have those butterflies in my tummy and the tears of happiness for them streaming down my face. ;)

What are some ideas that you have for honoring your parents on your wedding day?

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