Where my girls (or boys) at? :: Connecting your Wedding Party

If you're like me, you may have a few close girlfriends and a sister who knows everything about you, so getting your wedding party together was a piece of cake! To make matters easier all your maids, live in the same zip code and they're even excited about getting together asap to try on the supposedly "unflattering-what-was-she-thinking-I-will-never-wear-this-again-dress"! What if that's not the case though, and you have 8 bridesmaids scattered throughout 6 states, and 5 of them have never met? A little over 2 years ago when my good friend Daun was getting married, she came up with not only a great way to communicate with all of us girls, but a way to connect all of us together. I remember opening my inbox and finding a bridesmaids newsletter, complete with the names of the bridal party, contact info, where to buy the dress info, wonderful pictures of all the beautiful maids and how everyone in the bridal party knew Daun. It was then that I officially entered bridesmaid euphoria!

Since then this trend has definitely caught on, and there are many simple step-by-step templates to create your own newsletter, like this;

Wedding newsletter 1


"Wedding Newsletter 3 - Jason & Melanie" by EventstyleInc is licensed under CC BY 4.0

If you're like Daun, and you are blessed with the creative gene the possibilities are endless to where you can take your newsletter, maybe it becomes a monthly newsletter or maybe you get each Bridesmaid to post an issue, whatever you decide have fun with it and get your girls connected!

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