Social Media at Your Wedding

In our increasingly social and tech-savvy world, it is inevitable that your wedding guests will use social media during your special day. The question is, when does it stop being tasteful and start being tacky? There are certainly pros and cons to encouraging social media at your wedding. Social media can be a fun way for your wedding party to share some of the behind-the-scenes action with your guests and those that couldn't attend. This may also help you remember the special little moments with your loved ones that seem like a blur when you look back on them!

It can also allow a look inside the experience from your guests' point-of-view, which will most likely be very different from your own! However, when you allow your guests and wedding party to be photographers, you are essentially giving up some control of what those pictures will look like and where they will end up.

I know what you're thinking. Can you have the best of both worlds? Yes! There IS a way to have a tasteful balance of social media at your wedding, while also honoring the importance and seriousness of the day. For example, during the pre- and post-wedding activities, it can be fun to encourage your wedding party and guests to use a hashtag to posts tweets, photos, or videos. Find a cute way to remind everyone of the hashtag, like the one in the photo below. This helps to keep most of the photos and videos taken that day down to a couple easy-to-find locations, rather than all over cyberspace, and it creates your own special page of moments captured by your friends and family! It's also a good idea to change your Facebook settings to request your approval before tagged photos show up on your page, so you at least have some control over the photos of you that people will see.

Instagram our wedding

"We Are Living in a Digital World" by Laurachel is licensed under CC BY 4.0

If the idea of your guests taking photos or videos during your vows is completely unappealing to you, there are ways to discourage the use of social media at your ceremony! A sign can serve as a friendly reminder that you want your guests to truly be present for this special moment in your lives.

As a happy medium, you may like the idea of guests taking photos during the rehearsal, pre-ceremony, and reception, but not during the actual ceremony. If this is the case, have a reminder for both! Announce your unplugged ceremony with a simple message from your officiant or a sign similar to the one below, but encourage the hashtag when the party starts. After all, it's your day! Find what YOU are comfortable and happy with, and communicate it to your guests so that everyone is on the same page.

Unplugged wedding

"So Glad We Did Unplugged" by Darcy Fawcett is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Most importantly, don't forget to be present. Rather than getting caught up in all of the details, cherish your special day with your loved ones. Create memories and be grateful for the family and friends who came to celebrate you and your beloved.

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Amy Purdy // Apprentice Planner // Life Design Event Planning // Phoenix + Minneapolis