Guests Taking Pictures During Your Wedding or Special Event

A big topic that's been buzzing is the idea or suggestion of not allowing your guests to take pictures during the wedding day or special event (ie. birthday party, bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, corporate event, etc.). It's a hot discussion now because so many people are facebook-ing, instagram-ing, vine-ing, social media-ing your event and all of it's decor and the hype and seem to be focused more on sharing and showing off via the smart phones then being present in the moment of your celebration. Way too many times we see this at events.



What are you going to do with the images you are taking in that moment? Will they be printed? Will they be displayed on your fireplace mantel or anywhere for that matter? What I can tell you is that it is very difficult for photographers and cinematographers to  work around all of the amature photographers and this doesn't even include the uncles with the "pro" Canon brand camera.

I am all about hashtagging an event and sharing it via social media. Heck, I do it myself often for my business.

But, as a guest I say...put the phone and the camera down. Hear what is being said, see what is happening, relish in the celebration and enjoy every minute of this once in a lifetime experience. Sure, you can relive it via your iphone but if you are looking through the camera to enjoy it for the first and only time you won't ever get the chance to experience first hand ever again.

Then when the videos and professional pictures are presented from your hired vendors you can share and relive it as if it happened all over again. Focus on your loved ones and not how many likes you are getting on your uploaded pictures.

What are your thoughts as photographers and cinematographers? What are your thoughts as guests attending the event? Shall we forbid the cameras and phones and leave it to the professionals or create hashtags and encourage the social media frenzy?


With all that Life has to offer,


Cicely Rocha.Miller // Event Consultant // Life Design Event Planning // Phoenix + Minneapolis