#RadiantOrchid :: Why I'm obsessed with this color of the year!

If you scroll through your instagram and twitter feeds, and type in #RadiantOrchid, you will no doubt come across several pictures of this distinct shade of purple. Every year the folks at Pantone Color Institute announce what is known as the color of the year, and this year the chosen color is Radiant Orchid. For over 10 years they have helped influence and shape trends in home furnishings, fashion,  even the way companies package their product and much, much more! They do this through an extensive research process and the gathering of influences from all over the globe, they also take into consideration current trends, new textile offerings, influences from the entertainment industry, movies, environment surroundings, and this is just a tiny glimpse into how they determine the color. I am obsessed with this color. The reason may surprise you, yes it's stunning and if you ask any one of my close friends and family they will undoubtedly say that purple is my favorite color, but what I really love most about their selection is the way they describe the color they have chosen. It's gracious how thoughtful they are in the adjectives they use. The way Pantone describes Radiant Orchid is borderline poetic. They bring it to life and give it a soul. And as I was reading the article in it's entirety, it sounded as if they were describing someone's beautiful big day! Read the direct quote below from their press release on how they describe what Radiant Orchid embodies and you'll see what I mean!

“An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Joy, love and health, what else could you ask for not only on your special day, but for your life together! So how will you incorporate this gorgeous color into your event plans? Check out how  Life Design Event Planning clients Kelly + Koda  incorporated this pop of purple into their big day!

This patchwork pattern adds just the right amount of color to this unique ceremony lay out

I love this smart and modern bouquet with the different shades of purples


With all that Life has to offer,

Sara Event Consultant//Life Design Event Planning//Phoenix + Minneapolis

All of the beautiful floral was done by Every Blooming Thing, the stunning images were captured by McClanahan Studio, and the Hotel Vetro served as host for this gorgeous event!