New Wedding Fashion Trends for the Upcoming 2015

Trends differ from time to time and others really set off. A few trends that I’ve noticed are very unique for the upcoming spring. With off the shoulder necklines, new bold colors, and tulle overskirts, you can’t get anymore in style!

I love, love, love the off the shoulder style! It shows your sweeter, more romantic side. Its also great for brides that want to wear sleeves but don’t want to be completely covered. Blues, grays, and even mint green colors have gotten in place of fall 2013’s blush and ivory. Just the subtle coloring is a big difference as just going with the traditional white. You can’t go wrong with a tulle overskirt. With one, you can give off a light and playful vibe. It makes me feel like I’m Barbie, to be honest.

All of these trends are very modern options. the trends are also beautiful and could work with pretty much anyone. They also capture different sides of the brides and what they want to imprint on their big day. Happy shopping!

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