I'm here for the cake!

Seeing two people tie the knot? Awesome. Dinner and dancing? Sounds like fun.  Wedding cake?  YES PLEASE!! Photograph by Rebecca Bouck Photography

I don’t know about you, but I love a delicious dessert, and wedding cake is the perfect ending to an amazing event. A traditional white cake is good, but how about something more exciting? Your guests want to see your personality in all the pieces of your wedding, so why not add some flair to your cake, too?!

More and more couples are opting for cakes in unique flavors and designs to reflect their tastes and delight their guests. Bakeries are offering many combinations of flavors including coconut cake with mango buttercream filling, almond cake with canolli cream filling, rum cake with pineapple filling, bourbon blackberry and lime cake, or maple bacon cake with chocolate mousse. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about all of the cake/filling possibilities!

As for design, go with a cake that fits you as a couple!

Photograph by Frederique Cohen Photography

Go with a vibrant color instead of traditional white.


Photograph by O. Grace Photography

Add a design that is repeated throughout the rest of your wedding décor.


Photograph by McClanahan Studio

Include details that people will look at and know without hesitation that this cake was picked out by the two of you!

But most importantly, remember, dessert is supposed to be fun! Be creative with your cake and your guests (especially self-proclaimed cake connoisseurs like me) will thank you for it!

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