Hi from the New Girl!

Hello! I am Kirsten :: one of the newest members to join the Life Design team!

I am located in Minneapolis, Minnesota holding down the northern part of the country. We are super excited to be expanding in such an amazing wedding market! We may not have warm sunshine year round like our Arizona friends, but Minnesota really allows any type of wedding you want to have! With 4 incredibly different seasons, the possibilities are endless. Weather permitting, of course!

 2015-04-15 09.38.55 am

What a difference a month can make in the land of 10,000 lakes!

picture by me. yep. my feet.

Living out my dream of being an Event Planner has been AWESOME! Everything I have expected and more! Actually … a lot more. Here are a few things I have discovered thus far that I was not expecting ::


1. Anyone involved in the wedding industry has way too much fun

Seriously, this industry could not be any more fun if it tried. Everyone I have met are super happy, awesome to talk to, and ready to help! Just the kind of people you want involved in for your big day!


2. Being organized is literally the best thing that can ever happen to you

My new file cabinet is currently my best friend. With big events comes a lot of pre-party paperwork. Keeping it all in one place and organized is a MUST in this line of fun (I mean work).


3. But really, there is a lot more paperwork than I would have ever imagined

Just throwing it out there, So much paperwork is involved in planning. From contracts, to e-signatures, not to mention the fine print :: It can be overwhelming! Everyday can’t be a trip to the florist, and we are okay with that!


4. This is not your normal 9-5 job

Okay, maybe that I WAS expecting. I guess I didn’t realize how awesome this industry really was! I get to spend my days exploring, researching, and connecting with awesome professionals. What more could a girl ask for, really?


5. We are not just putting an event together, we are Life Designing

Designing a moment in time for our clients that they will remember for the rest of their lives is what we do best. And we don’t take that lightly. We also don’t really take it that seriously either. We aren’t really the serious type. And that, is to be expected!


With all that Life has to offer,


Life Design Event Planning // Event + Wedding Planner // Minneapolis