The First Look :: A non-traditional "look" at this special moment

This past December I married the most amazing Man and had the wedding of my dreams at Thornagers in Flagstaff! In more ways than one I would consider myself a traditional Bride in the bouquet tossing, cake cutting, Father-Daughter dance sort of way, this doesn't mean I don't love a great out of the box idea and I am definitely never short on coming up with them either, the opportunity to be creative is just one of the many reasons I love what I do! When it came time to "first look" or not to "first look", I opted to go with a twist on the tradition. The original idea of a first look is so that the happy couple can see each other before the actual ceremony without any distractions and have that moment captured! This moment can happen several different ways, sometimes it's done with the Wedding Party standing a far watching and sometimes it's just an intimate moment between the couple with a photographer standing close by snapping away

For me, I knew I wanted my Handsome Groom to have to wait patiently to see me walk down the aisle, I wanted that to be our moment. I have always had a great and special bond with my Dad, so I thought why not have our "first look" captured! The results and images were perfect. I did not realize how many emotions were going to come flooding through at once, so to have them all on film was phenomenal! Monica Saaty, of Saaty Photography did an AMAZING job and made sure to capture every smile, tear and impromptu moment my Dad and I had. This I think is my favorite part of a first look, there is no right or wrong way to react, and you have no idea up until that minute what series of feelings will just take over!



Overall a first look can be any special moment captured before the ceremony between you and a loved one on your big day! There is no right or wrong way to do this and who ever you want to share this time with is completely up to you, however I encourage you to think outside the lines and have some fun with it, and I promise the results will be nothing short of perfect for you too!




With all that Life has to offer,