Wedding Makeup 101

One of my all time favorite makeup photos courtesy of Sergio Photographer
One of my all time favorite makeup photos courtesy of Sergio Photographer

So, many of you may not know, but in one on my past lives (meaning a number of years ago that shall remain unnamed) I worked as a makeup artist. Makeup is something I have always had a slight obsession with and clients and friends alike always want to know my fave products and tips for the perfect wedding makeup look. When I think about it, it’s crazy that I have taken this long to write a blog post on the subject. So, to make up (hahahaha!!) for that, I have decided to write a series of posts highlighting everything wedding makeup related! Here at LDEP you get what you ask for, and then some!!

In this first session, let’s talk about the decision to use a makeup artist, go to the salon or simply do your makeup yourself.

Makeup Artist I love having my makeup done by a professional. You really get to have a fresh perspective on the real life canvas that is your face. And, this is the least stressful option of the three. Artists can come to you and you don’t have lug your own makeup stash around. The downside is that it can be pricey and if you have a large wedding party, makeup artists can take up a large part of the getting ready time. You will most likely need several artists on hand and logistically this can become a problem is you have a small space for getting ready.

Going to the Salon Often clients have worked with a makeup artist before at a salon and decide to use them on their wedding day as well. Even if you haven’t used the artist before, often venues won’t have an area to get ready in, or they aren’t available until too late in the day. Going to a salon eliminates that issue. You can glam squad it up and then head to the venue, hop in your dress and you are ready for pictures! Also, salons have the capacity to work on multiple clients at a time, so you can really shorten the time frame needed for getting ready.

DIY This can seem super scary to many people and if you have the ability to have a professional do your makeup, I highly recommend it! But, sometimes it’s just not in everyone’s budget. Maybe you have had allergic reactions to new products and don’t want to risk any issues on your wedding day. Maybe you really just love to do your own makeup and would rather spend the time it takes to go to the salon with family and friends. Whatever the reason, it’s what’s going to make you the happiest that counts!

  If you are planning the to go it alone (or even if you have your makeup plan set in stone) stay tuned…I’m going to be offering up some awesome tips and letting you know what my most favorite products ever are in the coming weeks!!

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