Wedding Makeup - Part I


The ladies getting their faces on! Image Courtesy of Pinkerton Photography
The ladies getting their faces on! Image Courtesy of Pinkerton Photography

Now that your skincare is taken care of, let’s talk creating the flawless face! I find that foundation is a place where brides (and grooms, if applicable) sometimes misstep. If you are someone who rarely wears foundation you probably shouldn’t have a fully airbrushed face on your wedding day. The point is, you want to look like yourself on your wedding day. You will look at these photos and video for years to come and you don’t ever want to see anyone that doesn’t look just like your gorgeous self! The key is to create an amped up version of the makeup you do on a daily basis.

You may already have a foundation on hand that you love. Perfect! If not, here is an overview of what you should expect when finding your foundation!

What’s the Deal with Coverage?

Foundation comes in a range of coverage. Tinted moisturizers, BB & CC creams, gel foundations and mineral powders tend to be more on the sheer end of the spectrum. These may not entirely cover discoloration in your skin, but are more “breathable” and often buildable. Cream and stick foundations, all-day and many matte foundations are going to provide full coverage but are much heavier to wear. There is also a huge variety in between the two.  When testing foundations feel the weight between your fingertips. The feel and consistency will give you a better idea of the coverage. Don’t feel like you have to go for full coverage because of the cameras. Unless you have acne prone skin you can easily use a sheer to medium weight foundation and build the coverage to your liking and supplement a little with concealer.

And Finishes?

I know, soooooo much goes into picking a foundation. Here’s a quick breakdown of finish options.

  • Natural: This is going to be the closest to your natural skin, simple.
  • Luminous: A dewy, fresh finish. Perfect for a light glow.
  • Matte: A flat finish. Great for black and white photos because it eliminates the shine.
  • Satin: Kind of a mix of luminous and matte. A good middle ground.

Finding the Perfect Color!

Again, one of the reasons I prefer purchasing cosmetics in a retail store versus a drugstore is having the ability to be color tested. This way you will also get great recommendations on selecting the right product for your skin type.

When testing shades only test on your face if you are not wearing makeup that day. (You’d be surprised how often people color match to the foundation they are already wearing.) The next best option is on your neck right below your jaw line. After you’ve selected the type of foundation you would like, select the three closest shades to your skin tone and draw parallel lines of each color on your face or neck. Two should stand out more to you while the remaining will blend into your skin, that one is your color!

Or...let your makeup artist handle the hard work for you ;)

We’ll talk more on the flawless face next time…same bat channel!

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