Wedding Makeup - part II


I want to talk about briefly about a couple of add-ons
that every pro has in their kit to make foundation last beautifully.

This is just what it sounds like. A primer will create a smooth, even surface on which to apply your foundation. Many primers are multi-functioning and can help even skin discoloration as well.  The primer also creates a great base for your makeup which gives it more lasting power.


A great powder is a lifesaver some days. Opt for oil free to keep shininess at bay! And, this is a product that is important to keep with you all day to refresh for photos. Remember, on your wedding day you are more than likely going to be wearing more makeup than you do on a daily basis and your skin will take notice! This can mean more oil production than you usually see, and a quick dab of powder will make a world of difference!


Contouring aka Bronzer/Highlighter
Yes, I know it’s all the rage and after watching all those you tube videos you feel like you are ready to take contouring to task. I get it. I really do. It looks awesome and believe me, I would kill to have Kim Kardashian’s skin. But, if you don’t do this level of makeup on a daily basis, don’t do it at your wedding! You won’t look like yourself, and looking like your self is the number one priority. That does not mean a little light contouring can’t help your wedding makeup look. Just keep it simple. Use bronzer in areas that you want to minimize or recede (under the cheekbones, outer edge of the forehead and chin) and highlight those you want to draw out and emphasize (brow bone, top of cheekbone and middle of the forehead.)

Brushes are not just for blush! Photo Courtesy Kent Drake Photography

Brushes are not just for blush! Photo Courtesy Kent Drake Photography

Well, blush is usually one of the first things we start playing with when we are kids, so I don’t think this needs a ton of explanation. Just this…smile when putting on your blush as that will show you the apple of the cheek to get the best application. Choose a color that highlights your own natural flush and don’t over apply. Also, there are a few different styles of blush. Don’t limit yourself to powder blush only, as cream blushes and cheek stains have beautiful color and usually have a better staying power than a traditional powder blush!

Keep checking in…we get started on eyes next time!

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