Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants to Know

Almost every wedding website out there has a list of “must have photos on your wedding day”.
Most of these lists write out every single typical photo that a photographer may take during the entire day. But what if I told you a little secret? You don’t need these lists! Instead, hire a photographer that you trust to capture your entire day as moments in a story, not just shots off a list.

photo: keith&melissa photographers

photo: keith&melissa photographers

Communication is vital between the couple and their photographer, but that doesn’t have to come in the form of a shot list.
If you hired a photographer that has a good deal of experience with weddings, they will already have a mental list of what photos to take. A great wedding photographer doesn’t need to be reminded to take pictures of the rings, the bride/groom walking down the aisle, or the first dance (Yes, these are actually on some of the website lists!).

So what should you communicate to your photographer?
Awesome Phoenix wedding photographers, Keith and Melissa Pitts, have two simple pieces of advice.

  • Let your photographer know who is important to you.
    It is easy to figure out that your wedding party is significant, so instead fill them in on less-obvious VIPs. Your childhood best-friend, your college soccer team, all of your cousins, or your grandparents. If your photographer is aware of these special people or groups, they will be sure to capture you with them sometime during the wedding.

  • Let your photographer know of any relationship issues.
    They are not trying to get all up in your business, but if mom and stepmom don’t get along well, your photographer should know that! It is super awkward for everyone involved to try to put people in photos together when they are feeling uncomfortable.

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Besides giving your photographer the details on your family and guests, the next best thing you can do is trust them to do what they do best!
“The reason you hired us is to capture natural moments,” says Melissa. Give your photographer the freedom to observe everything that goes on during the day and interpret it through their lens. Let them be in the moment! And leave the cookie cutter shot list at home because, as Keith said it best, “If we are focusing on a shot list, we are not focusing on what is actually happening around us.”

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