Surefire Tips for Popping the Question

So, you wanna propose to that special someone?
No need to freak out and start having heart palpitations just thinking about it! While this will definitely be a super important milestone in your relationship, that doesn’t mean your proposal has to be an entire production complete with a flash mob to the song you heard the first time you met while confetti streams down upon you from skydiving acrobats that are spelling out Will You Marry Me (however, that would be pretty rad, right?!!).

Photo: Brian Kinyon Photography

Photo: Brian Kinyon Photography

Here are 3 simple tips to make sure your proposal goes smoothly.

1 - Sometimes bigger is not always better
We’ve all seen videos and articles about the amazingly detailed proposals that some people can pull off. If that is your style and you have the means, definitely go for it! However, don’t feel like your proposal isn’t just as amazing and meaningful done on a smaller scale. If the thought of trying to pull together a string of surprises stresses you out, don’t do it. You want to be as calm and confident as possible when popping the question, not panicking about whether everything will go as planned or not.

2 - Make it personal
The true key to an unforgettable proposal is to include things that are personal to the two of you. Maybe you will pop the question at the place you met for your first date. Maybe you will share a bottle of the same wine you drank the night you said I love you the first time. Maybe friends and family will help you to propose. Whatever happens, the personal touches will be the details that are remembered.

3 - Capture the moment
Most people are so nervous they will never remember everything that happened or all of the wonderful things you said in the moment. So why not have someone capture this momentous event for you through photos or video? You can hire someone to stealthily document your proposal or just ask a friend to help you out. Either way, you will have that special memory to look back on years later.

Big, small, intimate, or over the top, no matter what your proposal looks like you’ll only do this once so make it count!


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