Pump Up the Fun Factor :: Keeping Your Guests Entertained

As a host, you want all of your guests to have a memorable time at your event. However, there is only one of you and lots of them. While you are making the rounds and trying to visit with each and every person, your other guests need something to keep them busy. Dinner and dancing are fun, but why not add some pizazz to your party! Having a few different kinds of interactive entertainment at your event will engage your guests and give them lots of opportunities to move all throughout the event space and interact with other guests. Some specialty services even provide your guests with some sort of fun take away keepsake to remember the wonderful time they had.

Here are a few ideas for pumping up your party’s fun factor:

Photo/video booth
Everyone loves a photo booth! There are so many different kinds out there...some take traditional photo strips, some have a custom background created just for your event, there are slow motion video booths, open air booths where you can fit a crowd, and all of them always have fun, silly props to dress in or hold.

Photo: Christine Johnson Photography

Photo: Christine Johnson Photography

Flair bartenders
These are bartenders that serve up drinks with a twist. They will do tricks and put on a show while they are making cocktails or mocktails for your guests. Get ready for some fire and sparks!

Photo: Largo Photography

Photo: Largo Photography

Cigar Bar
Allow your guests to try out different kinds of cigars, chat with the experts, and maybe even take a few cigars home.

Swag stations
Here your guests can design something to take home with them. Anything from t-shirts and other wearable items to phone cases to photo flipbooks...these can all be branded with logos from your event or personalized by your guests.


Lawn games
If your event is outdoors, challenge your friends to giant Jenga or stir up some friendly competition with a game of cornhole. Many rental companies have games like these for rent or you can make your own.


Get out there and have some fun!
How will you entertain your guests at your next shindig?


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