Venue Wedding vs. Home Wedding

Some couples dream of getting hitched at a golf club, a luxury resort, or a funky old warehouse, while others love the idea of using a place that is special to them like their parent’s home or the park they met in. All of these are awesome places, but each come with perks and challenges. So, let’s make a trusty pro/con list to see what is what!



Photo: Largo photography

Photo: Largo photography

Venue Weddings
For our purposes this is any space where the day to day function includes hosting events and/or guests. So for example hotels, resorts, museums, restaurants, event spaces, etc.


  • On site staff that is familiar with the property

  • An on site coordinator to help with arranging event space, booking accommodations for guests, and answering any questions you have regarding use of the property

  • Experienced professionals that host events regularly and are ready for anything

  • Rental items (chairs, tables, linens, etc.) are included with the rental of the space or if not included, usually come at a discounted rate

  • The ability to do the ceremony and reception in one place so there is no travel for your guests


  • May not feel as personal to the couple as a home wedding

  • Some venues require the use of their caterer or other vendor services

  • May end up renting items anyway if the ones at the venue are not what you want

  • Venue may not be available on your chosen wedding date

Home Weddings
For our purposes this is any space that is residential or is not normally set up for events. So for example homes, backyards, parks, etc.


  • Can be very personal to the couple

  • A unique spot where no one you know has tied the knot before

  • A blank canvas to decorate as you wish!

  • There are no restrictions on which vendors you can hire


  • Everything must be rented and brought to the property (including chairs, tables, linens, catering supplies, etc.). Depending on the location, you may even need to rent generators or bathrooms.

  • Staff will need to be hired to facilitate the flow of the event and to assist guests.

  • Permits may be necessary depending on the location and neighborhoods may have noise ordinances.

  • Parking can be tricky in residential areas.

There is no right or wrong choice for where to get married, but you will definitely want to consider all of the options when making your decision!

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