They're Driving Me Crazy! - Dealing with Difficult Bridesmaids or Groomsmen

Planning a wedding can be stressful. The last thing you need is to deal with drama involving your wedding party. So how do you ensure smooth sailing when dealing with so many different opinions and personalities?

Here are a few tips to help curb the crazy!

Give specific instructions
People in your wedding party want to be given direction. Trust us, it makes everyone more confident in the role they have in your wedding! Once you have chosen your wedding party, gather them all together, send a group email, or even mail them a fun little package giving everyone specifics for the day. Be sure to include exactly what they should wear, any events that you would like them to attend, and times that you need them to be at certain places on the wedding day. Things may change along the way but the more up front you are ahead of time, the less confusion there will be!

Assign them a task
Your friends are there to help, so let them! You can give them very specific directions about what needs to be done to complete their task or you can let them complete it with little guidance from you. Either way, assigning willing members of your wedding party a task will help keep them busy and let them know they are needed.

When all else fails, have a heart to heart
You have asked the people in your wedding party to be there for a reason. They are your friends, siblings, closest confidants. Don’t forget that! Tensions may run high and misunderstandings may happen and if they do, slow down for a second and have a chat with the attendant that is causing you frustration. Beating around the bush or avoiding the issue will only cause more stress. Express your frustrations and try to come up with a solution so you can both move forward.

Of course little issues will always come up at the last minute, but the better equipped you are to deal with situations from the beginning, the more relaxed you and your wedding party will feel at the end!


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