Tips for a seriously rad Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a super fun way to celebrate and be thankful for all things awesome with the family you have chosen...your friends! Here are a few tips to ensure that you throw a Friendsgiving no one will forget!

Don’t depend on the host to do all the cooking.
Decide whether everybody will be cooking your Friendsgiving meal together at the host’s house or if each friend will bring a dish to share at the meal.  

Photo: Mod Wed

Photo: Mod Wed

Share traditions.
The great part about Friendsgiving is that you are gathering together with people that have different backgrounds and traditions.  Celebrate that by asking your friends if there is a special food they would like to bring.  It could be a dish that was always present at their family Thanksgiving or something that they have been excited to try making.  If none of your guests have a preference about what to bring, assign dishes to avoid getting six pumpkin pies and no mashed potatoes!

Let your friends know what to wear.
It’s no fun coming dressed up for dinner and finding out that all the other guests are in jeans and t-shirts!  Even better, tell all your friends that due to the excessive amount of food you will be consuming everyone is expected to come in their stretchy pants, sweats, or PJs for maximum comfort!

Make it an all-day experience.
Plan to go out and do something together with your friends before the big meal.  You can volunteer somewhere in your city, take a hike, organize a group bike ride, or sign up for a Thanksgiving 5K fun run.

Have fun decorating your table but don’t go overboard!
Put out thankful note cards for people to write on.  Carve out shallow holes in the top of some pumpkins or squash and put a tealight or candle in it.  Keep it simple!  Remember that the table has to accommodate lots of food and everyone wants to be able to see each other.  No one wants to have conversations while peeking around a towering centerpiece!

Give ‘em something to talk about!
There are bound to be times while people are arriving or eating that there is a lull in conversation.  Solution? Turkey Talk!  Conversation cards placed around the table to help spark fun discussions with friends you know and those you don’t know!

Turn clean up into a challenge.
Before everyone sits down to eat, put a small piece of paper with a strange phrase written on it under each guest’s plate.  The phrases can be Thanksgiving themed (ex. “And that turkey just ran right through the kitchen”) or just something random (ex. “my sister collects miniature staplers”).  Tell everyone to secretly look at their phrase.  The challenge is for each guest to discreetly fit their phrase into the dinner conversation without getting caught.  The last one to use their phrase has to do the dishes!

Plan for people to stick around.
No one wants to be rushed out after eating a full, delicious meal!  Set up some lawn games if it’s nice outside, break out board and card games, or if you are already in the holiday spirit, snuggle up on the couch for a fun holiday movie.

Send your friends home with a treat.
One of the best parts of any Thanksgiving is the leftovers!  Prepare to-go containers for your guests to take home so that at lunch the next day they can remember all the delicious fun they had at Friendsgiving!


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