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A Unique Father Daughter Dance

Let’s talk father daughter dances! Many modern brides still like to include the tradition of dancing with their father at their wedding reception. It is a nice time to thank your dad for being a part of your life with a special moment that is just for the two of you. But how do you pick which song to dance to from the millions of songs out there? Ahh, the pressure!! I recently came across an awesome song that captures those few minutes that you have to honor your dad with a dance. This perfectly unique father daughter dance song is called This Dance and is written by Bill Griese of Nashville. The song is laid back and sweet and has a very James Taylor-ish kinda feel. The lyrics, sung by Bill Griese and Taylor Dukes, feel like the exchange of words between a father and a daughter as they dance together. Is that perfect or what?!! I love the part about how the daughter always brings a smile to her dad’s heart. How sweet! Give it a listen and let me know what you think!!

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