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So you want to work with us and have us refer your business...

As you can imagine I am emailed and phoned often for partnerships with new vendors and creatives. I will tell you that in my 13 years in the business, I have never hired/worked with someone because they emailed me. It's all about relationships! I understand the need for powerful relationships in this industry as I strongly believe those are what make us as successful as we are. We would love an opportunity to connect with each new potential partnership but that sometimes proves challenging due to a limited amount of time, juggling our client needs, running two businesses, networking, and being there for our own families. Our best advice to connect with venues, planners, etc is to attend industry networking events as there are several great associations we are involved with often like ILEA, NACE, and WIPA to name a few. Get out there and connect with people face to face! Love that!

Best of Luck!

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