Our team is absurdly organized, exceptionally business savvy, and super fun! Let us handle everything from beginning to end. All you have to do is show up and smile!

Cicely Rocha.Miller



On a day you aren't planning rad events what are you doing?
Volunteering or giving back to the community. I love the "pay-it-forward" idea and anything I can do to help out or put a smile on someone's face is extremely rewarding.

Guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate, Thrifty ice cream and red wine.

What do you love most about planning special events?
The moment when our clients see all their hard work and decisions pay off at an incredible FUN event. They typically will come to us and say how awesome it was and surpassed their expectations.

Explain your perfect client match.
Oh that's easy. My perfect match believe...the guest experience is a priority, understand luxury is also found in the details,love the idea of thinking outside of tradition and love to incorporate different facets of things they love, giving back is vital to a strong community, value our services and trust our recommendations and...
someone we can be friends with for a lifetime.




On a day you aren't planning rad events what are you doing?
I feel like I should say I would be hiking up a mountain or going on an adventure or saving baby whales, but in reality I am probably at home on my couch binge watching TV! There is also definitely some kind of cooking/baking project with my bestie going on where we dirty every dish in the kitchen and my sweet husband cleans up after us.

What's one question you love to ask people to get to know them?
Know any good restaurants? :-)

What do you love most about planning special events?
I love the little creative details that personalize events. Seeing touches of each client's life woven throughout their special day makes for a truly memorable celebration! Plus, I love getting to know people and hearing their stories.

Jill Lenius



On a day you aren't planning rad events what are you doing?
Channeling my inner Joanna Gaines and working with my handy hubby as we put DIY touches on our home.

Guilty pleasure?
The Bachelor(ette) & wine... preferably at the same time.

Explain your perfect client match.
Someone who trusts our expertise, and has a desire to step outside of their comfort zone. Our team rocks, trust the process!

The team at Life Design Events made our wedding truly magical. The design and creativity that their team produces is world class. They are extremely professional, efficient, organized and have a wealth of experience.
— Carla Horvath